About Us

Diyaudiotube starts suppying NOS tubes to tube AMP factories since 2010. Nowadays, we are also suppying new tubes and other hifi DIY parts to tube amplifier factories and audiophiles.

Our production line:


NOS tubes made in China, Russia, USA,UK, ect.

Resistors and Capacitors.

Tube Sockets

Guitar AMP Knobs

Guitar AMP Handles 

AMP Speaker Feet Pads

Operational Amplifier

Audio Power Transistors

All Hifi parts and tubes from us are sold at reasonable price with good quality, price that listed on our website are not inluding shipping cost,shipping charges are based on the quantity of orders and customer's Location,

Welcome to visiting diyaudiotube.com, we will provide best service no matter you are big HIFI products factories or individual audiophile.

Have a nice day!